Four Upcoming Trends in Men's Formal Wear

emerging trends in men s formal wear

Are you a man who's in need of a wardrobe transformation?

Look no further! We've got the perfect blend of fashion-forward trends that'll have you dressed to impress.

From colors and patterns to fabrics and accessories, we'll show you the four upcoming trends in men's formal wear that'll keep you looking like a million bucks.

So, buckle up and get ready to refresh your wardrobe with the latest in style!

Color & Patterns

Two of the biggest trends for men's formal wear in the upcoming season are incorporating brighter colors and more attention-grabbing patterns. The days of the standard black suit are long gone and now, it's all about bright shades, patterned ties, and smart waistcoats.

For the more daring, subtle embroidery can add a touch of sophistication. In addition to adding color, you can also pattern mix. Try combining a bright floral tie with a check waistcoat for a vibrant look that will turn heads.

If you want to add a subtle touch of color, then choose a light pastel shirt. However you choose to incorporate color and patterns into your formal wear, the goal is to look sharp and stylish!


Your formal wear's fabric choices can make or break your look. When you want to make a statement, consider these five top trends in fabrics for men's formal attire. From lightweight wools to natural linen, there's something for every style. Textures can range from simple and classic to more decorative and modern. Dyeing techniques, such as the popular ombré look, can give your formalwear a unique and creative flair.

Fabric Texture
Wool Smooth & light
Linen Light & airy
Cotton Soft & breathable
Silk Luxurious & lightweight
Polyester Durable & wrinkle-resistant


Complementing your fabrics, you can make your formal look stand out even more with some stylish accessories. Accessory styling is a great way to express your individuality and add a touch of luxury to your attire.

Consider investing in cufflinks or a pocket square made with luxurious materials, such as silk or velvet. A pocket watch or a tie bar can also complete your look. But be careful not to overaccessorize, as it can take away from the sophistication of your outfit.

To keep it simple, try accessorizing with one or two items in subdued colors that won't clash with your other clothes. Remember, less is more when it comes to formal accessory styling.

Cuts & Styles

With regards to cuts and styles, modern trends are leaning towards tailored, slim-fitted suits and jackets for men's formal wear. Whether it's a slim fit two-piece suit or a tuxedo with tailored lapels, the emphasis is on looking sharp and stylish. To get the most out of this trend, accessories like pocket squares, bow ties, and dress socks can really help complete the look.

Style Trends
Slim Fit Tailored
Tuxedo Tailoring On-trend Lapels
Accessories Pocket Squares, Bow Ties, Socks

Layering Techniques

You can add a modern edge to your formal look by layering pieces together. Mix and match textures to create a unique style that stands out.

Dress up a basic, tailored suit by adding a vest, a bow-tie, or a scarf for a touch of extra flair. Or, try pairing a classic dress shirt with a cardigan or a blazer for a more dressed-up look.

You can also layer different colors and patterns to add depth and visual interest. Be bold and experiment with different looks.

With careful layering, you can create a look that's sure to turn heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Occasions Are Appropriate for Formal Men's Wear?

Mixing and matching formal wear is perfect for semi-formal occasions. Ditch the stuffy suit and tie and have some fun! From weddings to dances, you'll look sharp and stylish.

How Can I Make Sure My Formal Wear Is Up-To-Date With Current Trends?

Shop around for the latest trends in formal wear, and follow proper dressing etiquette. Look for new ways to express yourself without sacrificing style. It's easy to stay current with the right shopping tips and a little bit of creativity. Enjoy the journey!

What Is the Best Way to Accessorize Formal Men's Wear?

Adding variety and mixing textures are key when accessorizing formal men's wear! Get creative and have fun – cufflinks, bow ties, pocket squares are all great options for adding a touch of personality.

How Do I Determine Which Colors and Patterns Look Best on Me?

To look your best, consider your body shape and fit advice! Don't be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns to find the style that works for you. Have fun and be creative – the trendiest looks start with you!

Are There Any Tips for Selecting Fabrics for Formal Men's Wear?

When choosing fabrics for formal wear, think about the fabric characteristics that best fit your needs. Consider the fabric's texture, weight, and color for a look that's stylish and comfortable. And don't forget to have fun with it!