What Are the Top Men's Formal Wear Trends 2023?

2023 men s formal wear trends

It's time to get ahead of the game and check out the latest men's formal wear trends for 2023.

As fashionable as a runway show, but more subtle than a sledgehammer, these trends are sure to make you look sharp and stylish.

Get ready to update your wardrobe with some smart suiting, structured blazers, bold accents, streetwear influence, and luxe textures.

It's like a fashion fairy tale come true!

Smart Suiting

Frequently seen on modern red carpets and boardrooms alike, smart suiting is emerging as a key trend in men's formal wear for 2023. Classic tailoring and retro cuts are having a moment, with traditional silhouettes such as slim-fit blazers and trousers featuring heavily.

The look is polished and professional, making it the perfect option for any formal occasion. To keep things modern, try playing with colors and patterns to add a bit of personality. From subtle pinstripes to bright plaids, there are plenty of ways to make an outfit stand out.

And for those who prefer a more conservative style, timeless black and navy remain classic choices. Whatever your choice, men's formal wear is definitely due for a change in the coming year.

Structured Blazers

You can't go wrong sporting a structured blazer in 2023 for any formal occasion. With its sleek and tailored design, the blazer is the perfect choice for those seeking a modern yet timeless look. Paired with statement shirts and modern brogues, you can easily create an eye-catching ensemble that will turn heads.

The structured blazers of 2023 are all about making a statement with bold colors, interesting patterns, and luxe fabrics. For a classic look, go for a charcoal gray blazer with peak lapels and natural shoulder lines. For something a bit more daring, try a bright navy blazer with a velvet shawl collar and a slightly tapered waist.

No matter your choice, you'll be sure to look sharp and polished.

Bold Accents

In addition to the structured blazers, a great way to elevate your 2023 formal look is to add some bold accents. Make monochromatic looks pop with a bright accessory such as a pocket square, tie, or socks. Keep the focus on the accessories by pairing them with tailored trousers and a fitted shirt. For a more subtle approach, wear a single-colored outfit with tonal accents. Using different fabrics with the same hue is a great way to add texture to your look. Finally, if you're really looking to stand out, try a statement piece like a printed tie or a patterned blazer. Whatever you choose, make sure your look is balanced and polished.

Bold Subtle
Pocket square, tie, or socks Tonal accents
Statement piece Different fabrics
Printed tie or patterned blazer Balanced and polished

Streetwear Influence

Drawing from the world of streetwear, 2023 will see an influx of more relaxed, casual looks making their way to the formal scene. Think casual tailoring, monochromatic styling, and more. Blazers will be less structured, trousers more tapered, and colors muted and understated.

The days of super-stiff suits are out; comfort and mobility are in. Formal events will be less about looking the part and more about feeling it. After all, if you're not comfortable, you won't look your best.

It's time to embrace the streetwear influence and take your formal look to the next level.

Luxe Textures

Adding to the streetwear influence, 2023 will also bring luxurious textures to the formal wear scene, allowing you to flaunt your style with subtle confidence. Get ready to make a statement with blazers crafted from silky velvet and silk, tailored trousers with a subtle sheen, and dress shirts with the slightest of shimmer.

These luxe textures will add an air of sophistication to your look and make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you prefer a classic look or a modern take on formal wear, these luxurious fabrics will ensure that you look stylish and polished.

For a more laid-back look, mix and match luxe textures with more casual pieces, such as jeans and a t-shirt. Whatever your style, 2023 will be your year to make a statement with luxe textures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Accessories Should Be Paired With Men's Formal Wear?

When it comes to formal wear, don't forget the accessories! Luxury fabrics and statement pieces are always a good choice. Make a bold statement with a silk pocket square or a velvet bowtie. Finish off the look with a classic pair of cufflinks.

How Should Men's Formal Wear Be Tailored for a Modern Look?

Mix and match colors and patterns, and tailor your look to show off your style. Follow our tailoring tips for a modern, dapper look.

Are There Any New Fabrics Being Used for Men's Formal Wear?

You're in luck! From pocket squares to cufflinks and bow ties, there are lots of new fabrics being used for men's formal wear. Textured cottons, luxe velvets and bold prints are making a statement – and they look as sharp as you do.

Are There Any Alternative Colors or Patterns Gaining Popularity for Men's Formal Wear?

Mix and match suits and accessorize boldly! Try alternative colors and patterns for a fashionable look that stands out. Have fun with it and make a statement!

What Are Some Tips for Styling Men's Formal Wear for Various Occasions?

For styling men's formal wear, try pairing unique fabrics and colors for a modern look. Over half of men surveyed said they felt more confident when following proper etiquette. Have fun and experiment with accessories for a finished look.